May 22-25, 2017 | Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, CA

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Decision Making Agility: Temperature Controlled Logistics Reactions

Damage from disruptions in the supply chain can’t be completely eradicated, however they can be mitigated. Disruptions could occur in the form of natural disasters, equipment/vehicle failure or unforeseen transport delays. Companies which apply –what if – scenarios are noted to be much better equipped and agile towards facing unforeseen occurrences in the supply chain. A wrong decision made within the temperature controlled transit of a pharmaceutical, may not only be costly in a financial sense but it also in terms of physical harm caused to patients in extreme cases.


Pharma Cold Chain Logistics E-Book - Get Your Copy

Ahead of our Pharma Logistics Week 2017, we sat down with four of the industry's leading experts to get their perspective on topics specific to each of their areas of expertise. Receive insight on topics that include roadblocks and supply chain challenges, clinical and commercial operations, validation protocols and many more. Through this EBook, you'll gather the resources necessary to bring your pharmaceutical cold chain to the next level.


Formulating your Change Strategy Control

Under cGMP, 'change' means creating a compliance setting that fosters continual improvement. The FDA considers change management, or 'change control,' as critical to compliance, but offers limited guidance on how to perform it effectively.


Packaging & Labeling Trends Report

According to recent research, the global pharmaceutical packaging market is forecasted to reach more than US$80 billion in revenue by 2020. Take a look at this article to see packaging investments, serialization updates, labeling and artwork challenges, and more.


Expert Insight into Top Pharmaceutical Challenges Surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration

Past speakers, Matt Sample and Christopher Howell, spoke with us about the top pharmaceutical challenges surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration. Both speakers shared their unique perspectives on the topic and also expressed what they were most excited to learn about at the upcoming event.


Global Mastery eBook

Let's be honest--your ultimate objective is to make your cold chain a world-spanning behemoth with tentacles in all nations. We want to help: to this end, we have complete a multi-part eBook to facilitate your conquest. This eBook includes perspectives from six speakers from top industry companies, focusing on regulations, packaging, logistics, and security in the international cold chain.


Standardization & Risk Management in Cold Chain

Working within the ever-changing cold chain requires extremely detailed planning, extensive preparation, and precise execution. While these techniques vary immensely across the globe, risk management is necessary and standardization is the key goal for everyone. This complimentary whitepaper dives deeper into this idea, with specific focuses on supply chain security, validation & lane qualification, data monitoring in shipping lanes, and stability budgets.


DSCSA Serialization and Pilot Programs

Matt Sample, from AmerisourceBergen describes his experiences using DSCSA Serialization and Pilot Programs inside his organization in regards to traceability.

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