CSP Technologies

CSP Technologies

CSP Technologies, Inc. is a global leader in specialty packaging and advanced, polymeric protective solutions that enhance product stability and extend shelf life, providing brand owners with competitive edges and consumers with better experiences. A responsive, versatile packaging solutions partner, CSP is committed to offering customers a single, reliable source for custom product design, development, and manufacturing.

CSP Technologies pioneers innovative technologies and designs to ensure product protection and enhance brand equity. For example, CSP Technologies’ expertise in material science, desiccant/scavenging technology, and processing capability serve to protect sensitive products from moisture, oxygen, and VOCs.  The company’s product categories include vials, advanced film materials, molded active components, and customized packaging solutions.

CSP Technologies has the ability to produce high capacities while maintaining exemplary product quality and customer service. The company has a proven record of delivering solutions that successfully address packaging concerns in a variety of industries, including Pharma/OTC, Diagnostics, Industrial, and Food & Nutrition.

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Website: http://www.csptechnologies.com/